How Much Does Home Depot Charge For Cabinet Refacing

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How Much Does Home Depot Charge For Cabinet Refacing. But if you want to consider using a 14-inch thick real wood veneer you have to pay 2500 to 6000. This is based on averages we collected from around the web.

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For a higher quality real wood finish expect to pay roughly 5700-820000. But the home depot cabinet refacing price for this real wood veneer has this possibility to rise up to 7000 to 9000 or more if ever that this will be used in a big project with high-class wood veneer. Refacing cabinets cost less than replacing your kitchen with custom cabinets but dont rush to cabinet refacing on the assumption that it is a dirt-cheap alternative to new cabinets.

For a 52 linear feet approx 10 base cabinets and 7 wall cabinets he quoted 32600.

HD warranties their work for as long as we are in the house. To learn more about the cost of a cabinet refacing project visit our cabinet refacing cost guide. It went downhill from there. Dec 7 2020 National average cabinet refacing costs are between 1000 and 9000 but most homeowners will have an average cost of 6500.